In Reedville, Virginia, I experienced something that shook my faith. Usually, people with religious beliefs will go through something traumatic that makes them question the existence of anything spiritual.

Previously, I believed in nothing spiritual. But what I saw that night upended the very core of my beliefs. I realized that it was impossible for there to just be nothing out there. There was no reasonable explanation, and since I was not alone in witnessing it, it was something more than fatigue and an overactive imagination.

Kris’ Tale

I have the questions, and now I will search for the answers. I have already uncovered several artifacts and forgotten books which seem to allow the user to do the seemingly impossible.

Creepy Uncle Eric's Creepy Old House in Reedville, VA
Creepy Uncle Eric’s Creepy Old House in Reedville, VA

If you have an object or an unexplainable story, contact me and we will find the truth.