My old theology professor passed away last week. He left no family behind. After attending his rather meager service, I let myself into his home to retrieve a ring about which he had once told me. Considering how he had originally obtained the ring, I did not think he would mind.

a55e89da0f-ring boxAfter rummaging through the dead man’s possessions, I found the ring in an unusual tarnished box.





5ba0346faf-ring of keysInside the ring is an inscription: Vous Et Nul Autre
which translates to, ‘You And No Other’.
I don’t know if this is an endearment, a clue, or a warning.





My professor had believed that this was the Ring of Keys. The claim is that it can open something of great significance. However, I have not yet solved the mystery as to what that significant something is or how the ring will open it.

I will relay my professor’s tale at a future date. I need to speak with my attorney to ensure there can be no legal repercussions.